North Texas Landscape Curbing

Your Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex decorative concrete curbing experts.

North Texas Landscape Curbing

Your Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex decorative concrete curbing experts.


Who We Are Texas Curb Company

We specialize in decorative concrete landscape edging.  Our curbing adds value and beauty to you home. Our custom concrete edging can finish off that flowerbed, walkway, garden path or landscape. We are based out of Weatherford Texas and service all of Dfw metro and surrounding areas.

What We Offer Decorative Concrete Curbing

Compare our high-quality decorative landscape concrete curbing to traditional landscape edging pavers.

Decorative Landscape
Concrete Curbing
Concrete is continuously poured for a cleaner, smoother look.
Single continuous piece with stainless steel cable will not heave.
No gaps for weeds to grow.
Smooth, even lines — no ugly corners or angles!
Keeps mulch in flowerbeds.
Won't be damaged by a weed wacker.
Traditional Landscape
Edging Pavers
Blocks are individually laid or placed.
Blocks "heave" — get pushed or lifted out of line, become uneven.
Weeds will grow between blocks.
Angles/corners of blocks exposed with curves.

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Our Work Landscape Curbing Projects

Decorative Landscape Concrete Curbing increases your 'curb appeal' like nothing else.

Questions? Landscape Curbing FAQs

Can I just buy the pieces and install them myself?

No. You can purchase brick or blocks at any home improvement store to use as edging; however, our product is specifically designed to eliminate all of the problems associated with individually placed blocks, such as tipping, shifting, and unevenness. With a wide base and continuous run, our curbing stays exactly where you want it, year after year. Our trained crew does the installation, so there’s no back-and-forth to the store, lifting heavy blocks, digging a trench, or leveling for you.

Will you need to build forms to pour the concrete into?

No. The curb is extruded in place by a specially designed concrete extruding machine. The operator steers the machine to create straight runs, circles, and curves. With nearly unlimited design flexibility, the curb can be installed on hills, around corners, and anywhere else your imagination desires.

How long will installation take?

Depending on how much curbing is to be installed, and the style chosen, most jobs can be completed in one day.

Will my yard be a mess? What about my plants?

To create a smooth and solid base for the curb, a gas-powered trencher is run only along the line where the curb is to be placed, disturbing only nine inches of existing landscaping. We guarantee your yard will be left looking better than when we arrived.

Does Your Home Need 'Curb Appeal' ?

Upgrade your 'curb appeal' with decorative landscape concrete curbing from Texas Curb Company. Our landscape edging quickly increases the curb appeal of your Texas home.